Which degree does your university offer?

The 360 degree degree angle of an education can help students in the field of science and engineering, according to a new article.

The degree can also be used for those studying medical sciences. 

According to the article, the degree is now available at the following universities: Sydney University, the University of Technology Sydney, University of Technology, Boulder, The University of New South Wales, St John’s University,University of Sydney and St Andrews University. 

The article also said there were three degrees that offered the degree in geology, marine biology and astronomy, while the same degrees were offered at universities in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, the Northern Mariana Islands, South Australia, South Queensland, Tasmania and the Southern Territory.

It was not clear if the degrees offered the 360 degree. 

“In addition to the three degrees in geography, marine science and astronomy currently available to students, there are currently three degrees offered in Biology and two in Chemistry,” the article read. 

Geology has a long history as a subject for the University of Sydney’s geological department. 

At the time, it was known as the “archaeology” degree, after the geological team at the University’s Museum of Geology.

The University’s website says the degrees are available at Sydney University, St John’s, University of Newcastle, The University of Queensland, The Australian National University and the Australian National Technical University.

 “We believe the 360-degree degree offers a unique combination of the scientific aspects of the discipline and a unique perspective on the world that will be beneficial to students in future career paths,” the university said in a statement to ABC News.

“The 360 degree is an exciting addition to our undergraduate curriculum which will help our students explore the world around them, explore their research, and develop new ideas.”

It is not the first time the 360 degrees have been offered.

The Bachelor of Geography degree was introduced in the early 1990s.

In 2015, a 360 degree course at University of Western Australia’s school of Geosciences was discontinued.

There are now no plans to revive the 360 Degree Geography.


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