When a law school is the only one hiring for the job of its president

The president of a public law school in Michigan was tapped to become the president of its private law school last month after he served as a student advisor to President Donald Trump’s legal team during the presidential campaign.

The announcement came after Trump and his team, including Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser, made a series of campaign-related announcements on the eve of the state’s presidential primary.

The Michigan Law School was the only law school that offered a degree in accounting to Trump’s campaign team, but it has since opened its doors to more than 300 students who graduated from its schools, including a majority of law school graduates who were working for Trump during the campaign.

The school is also recruiting graduates of the University of Michigan Law Center, a nonprofit that offers graduate programs and fellowships to legal scholars.

While the Trump campaign has made some changes to its hiring practices since then, such as hiring a new communications director, the law school continues to employ its own lawyers.

The college also maintains a robust network of former campaign aides and advisers, as well as law schools that have taken on Trump’s business interests.

Trump’s hiring of the law professor was first reported by The Associated Press.

He is expected to be the first member of the Trump administration to be hired by a law firm.

It is unclear whether he will be the only candidate.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was ousted from the campaign last month, is the lead candidate.

He is a partner at the Podesta Group, a Washington lobbying firm that has a client list that includes energy company ExxonMobil and the U.S. Postal Service.

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