‘Tamucc’ Degree planner is a ‘bachelor degree in animal science’, says its creator

An associate degree in zoology is not the best fit for many students with animal studies degrees, a new online degree planner says.

“We think of the associate degree as being a bachelors degree in biology or a masters in zoological sciences, but we also think of it as a bachelor in animal sciences,” says the app’s creator, Sam Pritchard.

He says the name is a nod to the “tamuc” animal, a type of amphibian that is found in tropical rainforests around the world.

Pritchid says that in a recent survey of over 400 animal science students, most of them had at least one associate degree, but there were also a few who had a “bachelor” degree.

“The average associate degree holder had a bachelor’s degree,” Pritchet says.

Prawat, who is a student in the Department of Animal Science at University of New South Wales in Sydney, said he was “disappointed” by the idea that an associate degree would not work for him.

“I am hoping it will work for me, but I don’t have the bachelor degree to show for it,” Prawati said.

“It’s a really interesting idea, but for me personally it’s not something I would be looking to do.”

Pritbet says that while his application was initially rejected by university officials, the university has since been “very receptive” and is “open to any suggestions”.

“It was quite surprising that they would have been open to any of the ideas,” he said.

He also thinks it will be useful for those with an associate biology degree, as it will provide some practical knowledge about animals.

“If you’re looking for a way to get some practical experience of animals and the different animals that they have, it’ll be really helpful,” Pitt said.

Pitt’s application was approved for publication, but was not reviewed.

A spokesman for the University of Sydney said they do not comment on individual applications.

The spokesman said they did not have information to provide about applicants.

“Applications for associate degrees in animal and zoology are reviewed on an annual basis by the Australian Council of Veterinary Science,” the spokesperson said.

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