Online degree audit: ‘Not enough to get into a job’

Business Insider UK has launched an online degree audit program for companies seeking to hire an auditor.

The program, called Audit the Future, offers courses in a variety of areas from accounting and finance to human resources.

While many online programs, including those offered by Pearson, aim to train the next generation of employees, it is the audit degree that is being targeted by the program.

In its introduction, the program’s creator, Matthew O’Connor, writes: “The average audit degree is not sufficient to get you into a good job, or even into a top job.”

There are currently 5.2 million graduates from the bachelor’s degree in accounting, accounting, and finance (BAFF) programs worldwide, according to a report by the BCA.

However, the average audit salary is around $37,000 per year, according the report.

The majority of auditors work for corporations, accounting firms, and financial institutions, according data from the Institute of Certified Auditors.

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“Most employers are looking for candidates with an ability to read data and analyse it, and an understanding of how the financial system works,” O’Brien says.

“This is a very difficult job.

You need a degree in the field of finance, or the business side, and you need to have a background in data analytics.”

The online course is available to all candidates in the UK.

However the BFA has advised that those who have not taken the course before should first attend the auditing program’s first week.

O’Connors goal is to have the program available in Australia by the end of 2019.

“The BFA says that Australia’s audit industry is worth $1.7 trillion and that in 2025, there will be an average of 8,000 new auditors each year.

That is an enormous amount of new jobs, which will not only boost the economy but will also be very good for the UK economy,” Oleson says.

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