My Bachelor’s Degree and a Guide to the World of Online Degree Navigators

I’m now a full-time student at Rutgers University.

I’ve already taken several classes, including the online master’s degree, and am currently preparing for my degree.

There are a few things to keep in mind when navigating the online degree program.


Do you have a degree?2.

What do you do with your degree?3.

Do they have degrees?4.

What’s the cost of getting your degree, how do you pay for it, and what is the difference between a master’s and bachelor’s degree?

Here’s a guide to finding out what to expect when you get your degree:1.


Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture or related discipline2.

Master of Arts degree in Agricultural or related disciplines3.

Bachelor of Science in Business or related field4.

Master or equivalent degree in Business, Education, or Related Occupation5.

Master’s degree in Educational Sciences or related specialty6.

Master degree in Environmental Sciences or Related field7.

Master (Masters) degree in Sustainable Development8.

Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor’s degree) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics9.

Bachelors of Science (Bachelors in Science) degree with specialization in a field related to agriculture, forestry, fishing, or wildlife10.

Bachelor (Bens) degree (Master’s degree with a specialization in one of the listed above fields)11.

Bachelor degree (Maths) degree from an accredited university12.

Master in Science degree from a nationally recognized university13.

Master, PhD degree in any field of study, including: a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, or a PhD degree from another university, college, or university-affiliated institution14.

Bachelor’s of Science, Master of Science or Ph.

D. degree in agriculture, environmental science, natural resources, or related fields15.

Master(Masters), PhD degree(Ph.

D.) in an unrelated field.16.

Bachelor or equivalent bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in another field17.

Baccalaureate degree in a related field18.

Doctorate degree from accredited university, or other accredited university-accredited institution19.

Bursary degree awarded to a child or grandchild20.

Certificate in agricultural management, agricultural sciences, or agriculture management, forestry or wildlife management, or equivalent certificate21.

Certificate of completion in agricultural, forestry (wildlife), or wildlife science22.

Certificate or diploma in agricultural technology, forestry science, or forestry management, including a certificate in agriculture and forestry science.23.

Certificate, diploma, or certificate in sustainable development, conservation, or conservation sciences.24.

Certificate from a national or regional cooperative farm organization, or certification in the agricultural, forest (wildland), wildlife, or water systems.25.

Certificate (Certificate of Public Service) from an organization or trade association, or an internship or teaching certificate from a public or private college or university26.

Certificate(Certificate) from a private or non-profit organization, university, business, or college27.

Certificate awarded to students or employees of the state or a political subdivision of the states, the U.S. territory, or Puerto Rico, or to any of the following organizations: a state agricultural university, a regional agricultural university (regional) or regional agricultural college, a school of forestry or agriculture, a university of forestry science or a university-supported agricultural research organization, a business school, or agricultural trade association.28.

Certificate obtained from an educational institution accredited by the International Baccalaurate Commission or a national organization recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).29.

Certificate acquired through the application of the National Agricultural Standards Board (NASB) and/or the North American Agricultural Standards Association (NAASA).30.

Certificate issued by the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Education and Training (AEET)31.

Certificate taken from an agricultural school accredited by an accredited institution, or through an internship, certificate, or degree program offered by an academic institution accredited institution.32.

Certificate received through an accredited program in a specific field, including certified or professional agriculture programs.33.

Certificate accepted by an institution accredited under an accredited degree program, certificate program, or professional program, and/ or certificate issued by an independent university.34.

Certificate earned in a non-residential program accredited by a recognized program, university or program-affiliated organization.35.

Certificate completed at an accredited agricultural program accredited under a recognized degree program or accredited university.36.

Certificate and/ OR certificate taken from a graduate school accredited in agricultural science.37.

Certificate granted to students in agricultural education programs accredited under the accredited agricultural education program or program accredited through a graduate program.38.

Certificate conferred under a nonresidential certificate program accredited in agriculture science.39.

Certificate conferring a certificate to an undergraduate student in

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