How to turn an iPhone into a laser pointer with a simple 3D printer

The iPhone has a 360-degree camera built-in that lets you view 3D images from any angle.

But there are some restrictions: you can’t shoot straight lines and angles, and the camera has a limit of a 180 degree field of view.

To overcome those limitations, we built a laser pen with a 360 degree camera.

We used an inexpensive laser cutter to cut out a prototype of the iPhone’s laser pointer.

We’re using the iPhone X to demonstrate how to build a 3D laser pointer that can be used to create a 360° image.

The iPhone X laser pointer will be used in a project that lets people with severe eye problems view 3-D images.

The iPhone X is already out in the world, and we’ll show off how to make one at a press event on November 15.

This project requires a laser printer.

You need to have a laser cutter and some metal parts to make the 3D-printed iPhone X, which requires 3D printing a lot of metal parts, like the lens of the camera.

The laser cutter costs $50.

We also had to use some expensive materials, like plastic, to make some parts.

Here’s how to do it:Step 1: Find the right metal partStep 2: Find a laser cutter (or other object that can cut metal)Step 3: Make a template that can fit the dimensions of your 3D printStep 4: Add the partsStep 5: Add some plasticStep 6: Measure the length of your partStep 7: Measure how long your part will beStep 8: Measure where your part should beStep 9: Cut the partStep 10: Screw the part into placeStep 11: Carefully remove the partAfter you’ve finished assembling the laser pointer, we recommend using it for your next 3D printed project.

We’ve also posted a video demonstrating how to use a laser to make a laser eye that you can use to view 3d images from a 360º angle.

If you’re interested in learning more about 3D printers and laser pointers, you can read more about the iPhone laser pointer here.

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