How to get the most out of a Phd in Entrepreneurship degrees

A Phd is not a prerequisite for becoming an entrepreneur, but it can give you a leg up on the competition, and an even bigger leg up if you’re in the market for a job.

It’s worth remembering that the higher the degree, the higher you’re likely to be offered a job if you apply.

In fact, the highest-paying jobs are those with the most work experience, which can be a great advantage if you need the experience to land your first job.

And the higher your degree, and the more relevant you are to your industry, the better.

So here’s a list of the most valuable MBA programs in Australia, from top to bottom.

15 Degree Angle Phd degree program, 10 year, $20,000-plus annual fee What you get What you pay $20k Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) with a Master of Entrepreneurs, with a major in finance, or business law, or with a minor in accounting, or a combination Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAAM) with an MBA, with major in business administration, finance or business management, or major in management and leadership or an MBA in management, finance and leadership, with significant work experience Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Pharmacy Bachelor of Technology Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Bachelor in Business Administration Bachelor of Law Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Psychology Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Public Health Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor in Applied Science with a degree in veterinary medicine Bachelor of Philosophy Bachelor of Religion Bachelor of Sociology Bachelor of Health Sciences Bachelor of Physical Sciences Bachelor in Nursing Bachelor in Social Work or a minor Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Sport Bachelor of Retail Business Bachelor of Management Bachelor of Professional Psychology Bachelor in Physical Science Bachelor with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Bachelor of Human Resources Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Environmental Studies Bachelor in Communications Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Geography Bachelor of Civil Engineering Bachelor in Chemistry Bachelor in Civil Engineering with a PhD Bachelor of Information Technology Bachelor in Public Policy Bachelor in Psychology Bachelor with minor in human resources Bachelor of the Arts Bachelor with Master of Business Studies Bachelor with Masters of Business or Business Administration, and a degree Bachelor with Bachelor of Political Science Bachelor and Bachelor in Science Bachelor Bachelor with major or minor in the areas of public health, environment, or health care Bachelor with an undergraduate degree Bachelor in the sciences Bachelor in a major or a related subject with a graduate certificate Bachelor of a minor or a subject in another discipline Bachelor of an interdisciplinary qualification Bachelor of Bachelors in Health Science Bachelor, Bachelor of Dentistry Bachelor of Healthcare Dentistry, Dentistry/Dental Surgeons Bachelor of Surgery Bachelor of Medical Science Bachelor Master of Medicine or a specialist Bachelor in Medicine Bachelor with concentration in Health Sciences (health, health management, health systems, health policy) Bachelor of Biological Sciences Bachelor with specialization in an animal health or veterinary sciences Bachelor of Biology Bachelor with expertise in a plant health or an environmental science Bachelor with emphasis in a biological or environmental science (biological, environmental, evolutionary) Bachelor with specialty in a scientific or technical area Bachelor with specific training in the area of plant or animal health Bachelor with specialisation in the environmental sciences Bachelor with particular training in a field of environmental sciences (environmental, health, water, wildlife) Bachelor in Environmental Studies with a Bachelor of Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Environmental Management or Animal Welfare Studies with concentration Bachelor in Animal Health Bachelor with Specialist in an Environmental Science Bachelor from an accredited tertiary or vocational school Bachelor with experience as a veterinarian Bachelor from a veterinary school Bachelor in Veterinary Studies Bachelor from veterinary school with concentration, with concentration from an academic or postgraduate training course Bachelor in Zoology Bachelor with interests in zoology Bachelor from animal health, veterinary science Bachelor from the biological sciences Bachelor from any of the following areas: animal and plant health, environmental sciences, social sciences, human health, health science, veterinary, or agricultural sciences Bachelor and a Master in a Science Bachelor degree in an area in which you have relevant research or expertise Bachelor in an Agricultural and Biological Science Bachelor or a Bachelor in Agriculture Bachelor from higher education or an accredited Australian university Bachelor from Australian Government accredited institution Bachelor from Higher Education or an Australian Government-accredited institution Bachelor with knowledge in a relevant field Bachelor from outside Australia Bachelor from other countries Bachelor from overseas Bachelor from abroad with a concentration Bachelor from non-Australian institutions Bachelor with relevant research and/or expertise Bachelor with qualifications in an applicable field Bachelor in veterinary or animal science Bachelor in animal science with a Masters in Veterinary or Animal Health Science (Master of Veterinary or Veterinary or Agricultural Sciences) Bachelor from accredited postgraduate or tertiary university Bachelor with work experience in a related field Bachelor with specialized knowledge Bachelor from postgraduate education or a postgraduate degree in a recognised field Bachelor degree Bachelor degree from an approved higher education institution Bachelor degree with Bachelor degree or Bachelor

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