How to get more sleep after a week of flying

By Sarah Smith (Auckland)Auckland’s CBD airport will be closed on Sunday after a report that up to 100 passengers were diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The outbreak of the virus is still under control with a record-low figure of 5,912 cases.

New Zealand is one of three countries that have received the WHO’s highest priority level of response, the second highest in the world, but it remains to be seen how the country’s health system will cope.

In the wake of the outbreak, NZHealth was inundated with reports from travellers, including from New Zealand citizens, who had fallen ill and needed to be hospitalized.

The New Zealand Health Service (NZHS) has since released a new report on the health of travellers in the country, which showed the vast majority of people have recovered and returned home.

However, some people with symptoms remain in hospital, and more than 80 per cent of those people are still awaiting diagnosis, according to the NZHS.

New South Wales Health Minister Jo-Ann Miller said the report did not address the health implications of the coronacovirus outbreak.

“It does not provide any recommendations to the health service or the health industry on how we can improve the health outcomes,” she said.

“We have a lot of work to do on the way we respond to this.”

New South Welsh Health Minister Gareth Roberts said he did not expect to see a coronaviruses increase until the middle of next year.

“I don’t see that happening until the mid- to late-year,” he said.

“It’s very hard to forecast the number of new cases.”

There is still a lot we can do to reduce the spread.””

We will work with our partners to ensure that we are taking the most appropriate measures to prevent new cases.

“He said it was essential that health workers were properly trained to handle people who had been exposed to the virus.

The government is also seeking advice from the Australian and US governments to assist in their response to the coronas, and the Australian Health Practitioners Tribunal has asked NZHS to provide information on the impact of the pandemic.NZHS said it has been working closely with the authorities to ensure all health workers who have been exposed can continue to safely provide care.

It is also providing advice to those who are currently working in quarantine and those who have completed their quarantine period.


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