How to get a MBAs forensic science degree in the UK

The UK is the second most popular country to get an MBAs degree in forensic science after the US, according to a survey of 2,000 UK graduates by the British Association for Computing and Information Science (BACIS).

The MBAs programme, which aims to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the job market after graduation, is currently offered in the following UK universities:Cambridge,Bournemouth,Eastbourne,Glasgow,Leeds,Manchester,Newcastle,Plymouth,Swansea,Warwick andYork.

The BACIS survey found that only 18 per cent of graduates who had a forensic science (CS) degree had taken up a career in the NHS, with an additional 5 per cent having taken a postgraduate qualification.

In comparison, just 8 per cent had done so at an academic or research institution.

The majority of graduates, however, were intending to work as forensic scientists in other fields, such as in the private sector or in the defence and security industries.

The survey also found that more than one in five graduates, who had previously had a non-medical postgraduate course, had taken the postgraduate CS course, but less than one quarter of them had taken a forensic or forensic medicine course.

The report also revealed that, on average, graduates who took a CS degree at a UK university were more than four years behind their peers in the country in the skills and knowledge they had gained as a result of the course.

A total of 6,878 graduates from the UK who had taken an MBA forensic science programme at an undergraduate level completed the survey.

The average score for all graduates surveyed was 97.6 out of 100.

The most common reasons students took the course were a desire to be more flexible and adapt to a changing career landscape and to gain a wider understanding of forensic science, said BACES executive director Matt Williams.

“These students may also want to pursue careers in law enforcement, law, business or finance and want to become more familiar with the disciplines,” he added.

The study also revealed the majority of UK graduates who have a post-graduate qualification did not want to take a degree in a different discipline, such in a medical, law or criminology.

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