How to get a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from Kerala

Kerala’s health ministry says the country’s highest doctorate is in its sights.

The state’s government says it will award the PhD in health care administration to an associate professor in the university of Kerala in May next year.

It is the fourth time Kerala has awarded a PhD to a PhD holder in health administration.

Kerala was among the first states in India to award the doctorate to an Associate Professor in Health Management from the Indian Institute of Management-Kerala (IIM-K), which has since then established a reputation as a leader in Indian universities in health management.

The state government has been pressing the IIM-Keylan Group for an Associate professor since it was founded in 2013, and has already selected two other Associate Professors to receive the PhD.

The IMS Health Management Programme, a collaboration between IIM and KK, has about 300 graduate students who work as medical assistants, nursing students, midwives and medical consultants in hospitals and clinics.

The IIM Graduate School has about 20 PhD students, and the other 30 PhDs are currently studying in the health sciences department at KK.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, Kerala’s education minister, Anil Kumar, and K. P. Gupta, director general of the state government’s department of health, said the institute’s decision was to honour the state’s best and brightest.

“The IIMs program has been exemplary and has given us the opportunity to strengthen our institutions in various fields.

The institute will honour the best and the brightest with the best, and we will dedicate the award to the institution that has done the most to enhance the standard of our medical education,” Mr. Kumar said.

Mr. Gupta said the government was committed to the IMS Graduate School’s “long-term plan of developing and sustaining an innovative, world-class institute for the health sector”.

Mr Kumar said the IIMS’s director general would meet with the institute chairman in May to discuss the matter.

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