How to apply for a PhD degree from Duke University

Duke University says it has launched a “Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology” degree program that will require a four-year undergraduate degree.

The program, which will be available starting Jan. 1, will also offer a Master of Science degree and a PhD in psychology, said Nancy M. Leopold, associate vice president for undergraduate studies.

The program will be open to students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and will include the skills of a clinical psychologist, Leopolds said in a statement.

The new program is being launched after Duke announced in January it was discontinuing the Bachelors of Science in Psychology program and replacing it with a Master in Psychology in Psychology degree.

Duke previously offered an undergraduate bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in psychology.

Leopold said that while the B.S. program is not a complete degree, it will allow students to prepare for a clinical practice and will allow them to work toward a master’s in psychology degree.

In addition to the three years of work experience and research in the psychology program, students who complete the program will also complete the psychology master’s program and take a clinical psychology degree, she said.

The University of Southern California, the University of California, and the University at Buffalo will be eligible to offer the B-S program as well.

The University of Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will also participate in the program.

Students interested in applying for the program should visit the Duke website and submit an online application, Leops said.

Students will also be required to take a course in psychological analysis.

Duke also announced in February that it had begun accepting applications for its Bachelor of Science Graduate Program.

The university has not yet announced when applications for the Masters of Psychology graduate program will open.

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