How the FBI destroyed a key informant’s testimony about how he helped the government cover up the murder of a high-ranking FBI official

3rd Degree Burn is a novel by Michael J. Rosen, a former FBI agent and former reporter for the New York Times, that details the way the Bureau destroyed testimony about the murder and capture of Michael Jackson.

Rosen describes how Jackson was tortured, burned, and murdered by FBI agents in order to keep him quiet about the crimes against the government, while the agents themselves were being prosecuted. 

“I have been in the FBI for nearly four decades,” Rosen writes.

“I worked in a bureau that had been infiltrated by a cadre of violent criminals.

I knew that this was a very serious problem and I wanted to make sure that everyone knew it.

But I also wanted to keep Jackson’s testimony in my files, because that was his testimony and it would make a huge difference.

I was trying to convince the bureau that Jackson was not a terrorist and that he did not want to be extradited, because he wanted to stay in the United States.”

In this excerpt from the book, Rosen describes the FBI’s attempt to destroy Jackson’s evidence by “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” while they were still pursuing him.

The following excerpt from Rosen’s book was published in the Washington Post on September 25, 2017, under the title, ” FBI Agents Burned and Tortured Jackson, and a U.S. Lawyer’s Story ,” which was the title of a piece by the same title published by the New Yorker on September 27, 2017.

In the piece, Rosen explains how the FBI tried to destroy evidence by throwing the baby away with the baby, as he was still being investigated for crimes against government.

“The FBI had already destroyed evidence of the murder, so they went right after the baby,” Rosen says.

“They said, ‘You’re just a witness, but you can’t be part of the case.

You’re a witness for the government.'”

They said that because we had destroyed Jackson’s videotapes, we had to destroy the tape.

I’m not sure how they were able to destroy that tape.

And so they tried to keep it in their files.

They had no way of knowing if the tape had survived or not, so the only way to get that tape was to throw it away.

I mean, that was just a very dangerous thing to do, because it would have been the end of this investigation.

The whole thing is so crazy.

And I had never seen anything like that in my life.

I just got the feeling that the FBI had no respect for the rule of law.

The rules of the game, as I would later learn, were completely ignored.

The rule of the book was disregarded.

And the rule was disregard, because there were so many ways they could destroy the evidence that would have prevented a conviction for the murders of Michael and Toni Jackson.

In a later interview, Rosen revealed that he had written the book to help a friend of Jackson’s.

Rosen told the New Republic that he was able to access the tape through the National Archives and was able find the names of people he believed were involved in the destruction of evidence.

He said that he thought the information in the tapes was relevant, but he was never able to get a copy. 

Rosen, who now works for a company that helps small businesses, said that the government’s use of evidence tampering to discredit Jackson’s defense attorney was just one of many instances in which the FBI has been accused of covering up cases that it should not have been involved in. 

The New Yorker article also detailed how, while on a trip to Russia, Rosen was offered $3 million for the use of a private plane to help Jackson’s lawyers get a court order to remove Jackson’s body from the United Kingdom.

Rosen said that it was “very hard to turn down a good deal,” and he was asked to sign a waiver that he would not discuss the case with anyone other than the FBI. 

In a letter to the editor in the New Jersey newspaper, Rosen’s lawyer, Paul J. Siskind, explained that Rosen would not be going to Russia to meet with the government to make an accusation about Jackson, but rather to seek a court-ordered injunction that would allow Jackson to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

 In addition to Rosen’s allegations, Siskin said that Rosen also told the reporter who broke the story that he believed Jackson was a CIA asset who was being “sought after” by the government for questioning in connection with a murder he was investigating.

Sinkind also said that his client, who is also a former journalist, “had been threatened with the loss of his career for writing a book about the Jackson case.” 

In this clip from Rosen and Siskint’s testimony, Rosen recounts the moment that he first met with the FBI agents to discuss the allegations.

“I said, `We’re not going to get in

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