How a business degree will help you: How the media degree helps you with media

The degree you’re going to take could be the first one you’ll be doing for the rest of your career, according to a survey from the media industry’s trade association.

The Communications Degree Program at the American Communication Association said about 11 percent of people with a business-related degree are employed today, and only 9 percent of those with a communications degree are.

It’s a far cry from the 70 percent of graduates with a journalism degree that were in the labor force in 2016.

The survey found that people with business degrees were more likely to have higher earnings, with a median annual salary of $85,000 for those who completed the program, up from $63,000 in 2016, and an annual salary after 20 years of experience of $89,000.

But those with the communications degree were also more likely than other students to be female, to have less than a bachelor’s degree and to be over 50.

The degree also can be a gateway to other degrees and careers, with the association saying more than a third of graduates went on to earn a degree in another industry.

That’s especially true for the media, which makes up about half of the workforce.

The industry has been struggling since the financial crisis, and the jobs lost have been particularly steep, the survey found.

The association says its membership includes many people who are still working in the industry, and says its goal is to help increase diversity in the profession.

And it wants to expand the degree to other areas, such as health care, social media and media and technology, and finance.

The Association said its membership is looking to recruit more students with business and communications degrees in the coming years.

The media industry has also seen an uptick in students from minority and women colleges and universities in recent years, and it said it’s important for colleges to have a diversity program that is aligned with their mission, values and mission.

For example, it says students at schools with a minority student population should be aware that the diversity plan is a requirement for their program, as well as that diversity is an important part of the curriculum, which includes topics like race and ethnicity, as part of a broader conversation around the needs of students.

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