An ‘indigenous’ scholar who was allegedly raped and murdered by a group of students is now in a New Zealand hospital

A New Zealand academic has been hailed as a “national hero” after he said he was raped and killed by a number of students.

Professor Anil Sethu, who was at the centre of the Jian Ghomeshi rape case, told the New Zealand Herald his “brave act” saved the life of a woman who had been raped by a young group of people at a university in New Zealand.

The professor said he had been assaulted by a student group who wanted to “destroy” him.

“The university police were in the building where I was doing my work.

They went to the building and they arrested some people.

I said to them, ‘What are you doing?

Do you know who I am?’

They said, ‘Yes, you are the man who raped my wife’,” he said.

Mr Sethu said he did not know the woman who was raped until she had been taken to the hospital and asked for help by the police.

He said he then went to a neighbour’s home and tried to get help.

In an interview with the Herald newspaper, he said “I thought I was going to die”.

“It is a very brave act.

If I had died I would be very ashamed,” he said, adding that he did “not deserve” to be “pushed into a corner”.

The university said Mr Sethu’s death was a “traumatic event”.

Mr Trump has criticised Mr Ghomeshy for his treatment of women.

According to the BBC, he has criticised the New York Police Department for “lacking” in response to the rape allegations against him.

“If you have a rape, it’s very hard for them to prosecute because of the nature of the allegations,” Mr Trump said.

“They don’t want to take a chance because they don’t know what’s going on.”

The New Zealand prime minister said he and Mr Ghamashi were “very close friends”.

He also said Mr Ghamahi had been “very supportive” of him during his time as a professor at the university.

“It’s an honour to have him here in New York, but I think it’s a very sad day,” Mr Ghamshi told reporters.

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